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Exhaust/Make-Up Air

Exhaust/Make-Up Air Systems

Commercial make-up air units work in conjunction with exhaust equipment to optimize temperature control and improve indoor air quality while enhancing overall functionality of the ventilation system. Many restaurant kitchens, autobody shops, distribution centers, and warehouses require commercial air-handling solutions to help ensure the health, comfort, and safety of their employees and customers.

Types of Commercial Make-Up Air Units

makeup air unit

Direct Gas-Fired Make-Up Air Units

A direct gas-fired make-up air unit is a tempered(heated) air-handling solution ideal for restaurants and other food service facilities.

The Benefits of Direct Gas-Fired Make-Up Air Units

  • Efficiently heats large spaces
  • High combustion efficiency
  • Improves overall air quality
  • Works to prevent negative pressure issues

Indirect Gas-Fired Make-Up Air Units

Indirect gas-fired make-up air units are great for facilities that require the best in sanitary air-handling solutions; this is applicable to food processing plants, restaurants, and health care facilities.

The Benefits of Indirect Gas-Fired Make-Up Air Units

  • Emits 100% clean, dry air
  • All fuel gasses are safely expelled into the atmosphere
  • May be installed in tight, sealed spaces
  • Many of them protect against outside factors like frost

Non-Tempered Make-Up Air Units

Non-tempered make-up air units are built for applications that don’t require heating or cooling. These rooftop units transfer fresh outdoor air to the interior of the facility and may or may not require an exhaust unit to function properly.

The Benefits of Non-Tempered Make-Up Air Units

  • Easy installation process
  • Most units are resistant to corrosion
  • Energy efficient
  • Lower costs

Commercial Exhaust Solutions

A properly maintained commercial exhaust system helps create a cleaner, safer environment for employees or customers. Commercial exhaust equipment can make your ventilation system more energy efficient while functioning as a deterrent for airborne contaminants.

The most common pieces of equipment associated with commercial exhaust systems are exhaust fans and hoods; and each of them comes in a variety of types in order to meet the specific air-handling needs of your business.

Types of Commercial Exhaust Fans

  • High-temperature roof upblast exhaust fans
  • Downblast fans
  • Cabinet fans
  • Utility fans
  • Ceiling exhaust fans
  • Sidewall propeller fans
  • Plenum fans
  • Inline fans
  • Roof curbs
upblast exhaust fan

Factory Authorized Maintenance Providers

At Total Mechanical Systems, our team of commercial ventilation experts is factory authorized to install, maintain, and repair exhaust and make-up air units manufactured by the most trusted names in the industry. This includes brands such as Captiveaire, Cambridge, and Modine.  Whether you’re looking for an authorized service provider or your air-handling system needs to be repaired, Total Mechanical Systems has you covered.

Cambridge Air Solutions

Serving Long Island for Over 35 Years

With 35-plus years of experience in commercial ventilation, Total Mechanical Systems has earned the trust of businesses all over Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Our repair team is on-call day and night in order to provide efficient, quality service that you can rely on. Contact us directly at (631)475-4411 to find out how the ELITE team can help you.

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