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Commercial Ice Machines

Commercial Ice Machines

Ice machines are a vital part of the food and service industries and have recently become a staple of the physical therapy industry.

The team of commercial refrigeration experts at Total Mechanical Systems specializes in the installation, maintenance, and repair of all makes and models of commercial ice machines. With over 35 years of experience, Total Mechanical Systems has earned the trust of businesses throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Types of Commercial Ice Machines

When deciding to install a commercial ice maker, you have a variety of options to choose from and each of them has its own set of unique benefits. At Total Mechanical Systems, our team of commercial refrigeration experts will help you find the ice making solution best suited to meet the needs of your business.

commercial ice machine

Self-Contained Ice Machines

Self-contained ice machines are comprised of the ice machine itself and the ice bin. They are ideal for under-counter installations in smaller spaces.


  • Quick installation process
  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Minimal amount of required maintenance

Air-Cooled Ice Machines

Air-cooled ice machines are the most used type of ice machine throughout the United States. These ice machines “inhale” the surrounding air and use it to regulate the temperature of the refrigeration system and require a separate bin to function properly.


  • Cuts down utility expenses
  • Most models are Energy Star compliant
  • Quick installation process

Remote Ice Machines

A remote ice machine is a specialized type of air-cooled ice machine that includes extended refrigerant lines. These extended refrigerant lines enable you to isolate the heat and noise produced by the condenser.


  • Saves space
  • Increased energy efficiency in cold and hot environments
  • Keeps noise and heat away from clientele and/or employees
  • Increased longevity

Water-Cooled Ice Machines

Water-cooled ice machines use water to absorb the heat that the machine produces when in use. These ice machines can be placed almost anywhere making them a great choice for outdoor installations or other environments lacking temperature control.


  • Energy efficient
  • Reduced noise and heat output
  • Ice production unimpeded by warmer environments

Ice Machine Maintenance & Repair

Making sure that your ice machine is properly serviced helps ensure the vitality of your business while providing the quality assurance your customers deserve. And depending on your industry, it may also be a legal requirement since the FDA classifies ice as a food. The maintenance guidelines for your specific ice machine installation are sometimes determined by the manufacturer; however, descaling and sanitization should be completed at least once every six months to keep customers safe from potential health risks and to ensure the machine’s functionality.

At Total Mechanical Systems, we know and adhere to each manufacturer’s proscribed maintenance plan. We’ll remind you when your ice maker is due for routine maintenance and will work around your schedule to keep it running smoothly.

Always On-Call

Unfortunately, the manufacturer defined maintenance plan doesn’t account for unforeseen issues with your ice machine installation. That’s why our team of refrigeration experts is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether a specific part needs to be repaired or its internal components require a complete descaling, Total Mechanical Systems will be onsite to ensure your ice machine is up and running the same day you report the issue.

Factory Authorized Service Providers

We pride ourselves in being one of the only factory authorized warranty service providers on Long Island for America’s top ice machine manufacturers. Total Mechanical Systems serves customers from Montauk to Manhasset and everything in between.

Some of the Top Brands We Service:

Hoshizaki ice machines
Ice-o-Matic ice machines
Koolaire ice machines
Manitowoc ice machines
Scotsman ice machines
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